for better quality of living

Smart public transportation

for better quality of living

Smart public transportation

to optimize reliability, security, investment & revenue

Actionable insights from crowd awareness

to optimize reliability, security, investment & revenue

Actionable insights from
crowd awareness

Real-time crowd monitoring & prediction

using data fusion and artificial intelligence


Our vision is to improve urban quality of living by making cities smarter.

We contribute to the digital transformation of the public transport to enable a more sustainable and integrated mobility system.

Our products offer actionable insights by monitoring and forecasting crowd behaviour, commuting dynamics and network congestion in real time.


Smart Data Fusion

Crowd awareness in real time is enabled by combining data from multiple sensors within the transport network, e.g., infrared people counters, stereo cameras, depersonalized WiFi monitoring, ticketing information and weight sensors.

Artificial Intelligence

We make use of state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to accurately forecast crowd behaviour by cross-referencing diverse data sources, such as real-time and historic sensor data, weather, events, traffic conditions, train schedules, etc.


Monitoring Platform

Optimize your operations with real-time visual monitoring and forecasting of crowd dynamics and congestion within the transport network.


Optimize customer experience by integrating real-time crowd awareness to your existing passenger information channels.

Digital Twin

Enable data-based decision making to optimize long-term investments by assessing the impact of infrastructure updates on crowd dynamics.


Operations & Safety

  • Enhance punctuality and manage disruptions
  • Better maintanance planning
  • Optimize deployment of staff

Customer Experience

  • Improve journey planning
  • Avoid congestion
  • Show vehicle capacity

Data-based decision making

  • Invest in new transport vehicles
  • Plan station renovations and infrastructure upgrades
  • Optimize timetabling


TERATRACE is a technology start-up and TU Munich spin-off founded in 2017. With crowd awareness and artificial intelligence we want to deliver tangible benefits to public transport networks
by broadening the horizon of what is possible.

We are a multidisciplinary team assembled by talented data scientists with experience in implementing lean and scalable solutions using state-of-the art technologies such as wireless sensor networks and machine learning, balanced with a skilled troop of professional business developers, marketers and communicators.

We love what we do and feel very happy creating high-tech products
that impact the quality of living of millions.

That is extremely rewarding!